Acoustick is a live sensation which certainly makes you dance! This groove machine transcends the soul with earthly didge tones and deep drumbeats. From ambient to techno & full on psy-trance you’ll surely be amazed by these creative musicians!

This purely improvised show, original grooves and solid beats are the main ingredients to connect and make the audience rise.

In 2020, when the Dutch government had just announced a lockdown, Pascal and Michiel were approached by ID&T with the question whether they wanted to play at their pop-up campsite 'Tijdloos'. They played 10 shows in 3 weeks! Since then, these brothers have been a close-knit team and are ready to rock things with their 'dutch organic trance act'.


Acoustick is an initiative by didgeridoo grandmaster MT-Yidaki & multi instrumentalist Pascal Schouten. For the full experience of the ambient & psychedelic palet make sure to get the XL version with more unique and talented musicians.


Let's get ACOUSTICK!

"Acoustick is the new act of Didgeridoo grandmaster Michiel Teijgeler (aka MT-Yidaki) and producer/multi-instrumentalist Pascal Schouten.
Acoustick is the perfect festival act to come across by chance and then spontaneously dance all night."
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